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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

google talk review

on 24th, google started providing an instant messaging service. i just tried it out with my sister. it's pretty fast opening and quick responding! and i like that little message window will minimizie like macos9 when i double click on the top of it.
unfortunately, i couldn't add my gmail account to adium and ichat using jabber. i am wondering if i am suppose to be able to.(addendum : i did!)

function that i really want them to add is file transfering and voice chatting with adium or ichat people since i am using them with macintosh. or they can make macintosh version of "google talk".

i love any service, google provides. for example, google map, gmail, and this blogger because not fancy, but light!

addendum : just successfully added the google account to adium. need to change the setting like this :

server : talk.google.com
port : 5222(5223)

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