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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Salton Sea

bombay beach salton seasince i got a canon D30 which is a old digitalSLR camera, i have been interesting in photograph. and sho is also the same since he took a photo class.

his teacher recommended salton sea as nice place to take photos. after xmas, we went there for two days.

fish bone
when palm springs was much expensive place to have a vacation, this salton sea was reasonable resort to compare with palm springs. human put salt and fishes in the lake for those visitors. however later on, the place was dying out... the lake got dry and the salt concentration increase to 4.4% (regular sodiumconcentration in seawater is 2.2%)

salton seayou can tell the differences between the picture above and left one which was taken by a photographer, Kim Stringfellow. the cabin is being eaten away by the water.

i was expecting that i can take pictures like his, but it wasn't so easy to find nice places. the red water is the color of rusty steel or something? and the white part is probably salt. i saw also salt all over the soil and fish bones.

birdssalton sea has sad stories, but some do all the environmental practice. there is a farm is called "bird farm", you can see some kinds of bird around there.
i took nice pics but those birds did crap on my head....oh boy.

next day, we went to palm springs to ride a tram because i google with"thing to do, palm springs", then it came out.

snowmanwe didnt expect that much of fun tho IT WAS FUN! i made two snowman with the powder snow.

there are more pictures available on picasa: picasaweb link