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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grilled Cheese Invitaitonal

I know that all the American ppl like pizza, but not only that, GRILLED CHEESE SAMMICH is also very popular, I feel.

I joined the Grilled Cheese Invitational w/my friends, Yuka, Rhea, and Mia, last Saturday as competitors (as I mentioned last post). Grilled cheese is very simple and easy to cook, so that the idea was important to win.

Yuka, my corworker, is very good cook, her idea was putting ground pork and beef w/curry powder inside. for sweetness, she put raisins little bit and burn almost like deep-frying w/lots of batter and panko.

It's delicious.....mmm..yummy..

We didn't get any price this time, but just being there was totally fun. maybe next year?...we will win! but I don't want to eat any grilled cheese sammich for a while. LOL

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grilled Cheese Invitational

The Invitational lands in downtown Los Angeles, CA on April 25, 2009!


Doors open at 12:00pm
Competition from 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Admission Fee: $5
Competition Fee: $10

I am joining the event above as a competition's assistant.

our category:The Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra sammich is any grilled cheese that is made with exotic bread or contains any other ingredients than the above mentioned.

The only rules to the Kama Sutra sammich are as follows: The sammich MUST be grilled and the internal ingredients must be at least 60% CHEESE. Other than that, this is a freestyle category, so go for it. This is where you can create any savory flavor concept your twisted mind will allow, so long as the internal ingredients are at least 60% cheese.

The Kama Sutra category is not only the most liberal, but also the most popular. So you must keep in mind that the competition is fierce and professional. You could be up against as many as 50 professional chefs, so you better get it right!

mm....sounds hard, but challenging. anybody give us a good idea?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's take pictures!

Picture 063
in our company, there are several people who have SLR camera.
and on every friday lunch time, they take pictures around downtown LA.

i was invited, so i joined w/my iPhone lol...just because i forgot to bring my Canon EOS D30.

when i am around ground central market(which locates where angle flight is), i feel like i am traveling mexico or somewhere not in the us. it was nice day to take pictures, sun shining and a lot of people are shopping around as usual.

well, next time i want bring my SLR camera definitely.

btw, on sunday, sho, his mom and i went antilope vallery to watch poppeys. we took 3hours to get there because of traffic and it was driving from orange county. unfortunately, this year's poppeys are not so good, the park ranger said, and close on windy days.
can u see if there is a bird?...i took few nice pictures and it was fun so it's ok.

Canon EOS D30... i love it, but it's old. i am little concerning about buying newer one. anybody knows any good camera?

Monday, April 06, 2009


i finally watched okuribito which won academy awards in the best foreign film category. okuribito showed what the "nokan-shi(casketing)" is, and how the death is very influental for the other surviving ppl.

i actually didn't know that there is the kind of job in japan, but as matter fact there was person who did make-up on my granma's face when she died, i remember. she was pretty and looked healther than when she was in hospital. i ve heard there is cases only clean dead body needs to be casketed, also nasty one like....i dont even want to write. so nokan-shi(s) make good money but it's very hard to be.

i cried at least twice when watching the movie. it was kind a slow like all the typical japanese movies though it was well done to show how main charactor connects w/ all the ppl between the death...also okuribito means "help with departures" in japanese. such an beautiful name! don't you think?