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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Salton Sea

bombay beach salton seasince i got a canon D30 which is a old digitalSLR camera, i have been interesting in photograph. and sho is also the same since he took a photo class.

his teacher recommended salton sea as nice place to take photos. after xmas, we went there for two days.

fish bone
when palm springs was much expensive place to have a vacation, this salton sea was reasonable resort to compare with palm springs. human put salt and fishes in the lake for those visitors. however later on, the place was dying out... the lake got dry and the salt concentration increase to 4.4% (regular sodiumconcentration in seawater is 2.2%)

salton seayou can tell the differences between the picture above and left one which was taken by a photographer, Kim Stringfellow. the cabin is being eaten away by the water.

i was expecting that i can take pictures like his, but it wasn't so easy to find nice places. the red water is the color of rusty steel or something? and the white part is probably salt. i saw also salt all over the soil and fish bones.

birdssalton sea has sad stories, but some do all the environmental practice. there is a farm is called "bird farm", you can see some kinds of bird around there.
i took nice pics but those birds did crap on my head....oh boy.

next day, we went to palm springs to ride a tram because i google with"thing to do, palm springs", then it came out.

snowmanwe didnt expect that much of fun tho IT WAS FUN! i made two snowman with the powder snow.

there are more pictures available on picasa: picasaweb link

Monday, November 24, 2008

how to use emoji icons on your iphone 2.2

woohoo! finally i can use emoji icons(emonicons) on iphone2.2! offically only for japanese iphone... BUT there is a way to use emoji :

1)download .vcf file below.

2)send the file to yourself via e-mail.

3)open the file on your iphone, then add all to your contact list.

4)try type "えもじあ(emojia)" , "えもじい(emojii)", or "えもじう(emojiu)"in japanese using text or notes.

note: you can send emoji to only whom has iphone 2.2.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

oh my. there is a 91% chance ein is plotting to kill me, it said.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

oh ein... TT

Saturday, November 22, 2008

this is from contribute CS4

this is just a test from contribute CS4.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

las veterans day

november 11th, veterans day is our anniversary. last year, we decided to go las vegas every year on veterans day.

we had a great time again except sho lost $700 on gambling.

we are supposed to stay at hilton las vegas, but they overbooked. then they send us to embassy suite, which is huge motel for free. we are very happy about it.

this time, we had paris champagne blanch which is better than dinner buffet(i think). i think best buffet in las vegas is this champagne blanch.(opinion)

anyway, thank you and yoroshiku for this year as well.

windows vs macitosh

i have been using macitosh since i was 19 or 20. and now i have to use windows for my job. i have confident i am pretty good at computer stuff. By knowing both those operation systems, i want to say "use macintosh" to ppl, who are using PC for just checking e-mails and using the internet.

firstly because, windows has a way higher chance to get virus and spywares. you have to purchese all the anti-virus software as default which is defferent from macintosh.
macintosh has never got virus since OSX came out. the reason why macintosh has never got a virus is not that huge share like windows. i guess the windows share makes ppl who make virus have lots of fun.lol

secondly, to ask somebody to fix windows problems costs much more. i know windows has huge share so you have more ppl to ask help, but you will feel sorry even if you ask your friend. in fact, my frineds usually pay or treat me to fix their problems.(i dont ask tho lol...) on the other side, macitosh, you can just take your computer to "apple genious bar" for free to fix problems.(HD problems are different story)

i believe that i had 3reasons, but i can't remember for now. lol

however, i'd like to say that once you get used to use windows, then stay with it. changing machines takes time like i took time to get used windows. finally now, i feel both OS are alike, but my first impression for windows was really bad because i couldn't find where is "desktop" and i got so used to use "Default folder".

anyhow, both OS are nice! i can't live without computer now! thank you, steve and bill.:-)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Gone Camping

i went camping with my coworkers. we go every year. last year was kern river camping ground and this year was san simeon creek in San Luis Obispo. it located near the hastle castle which i went last year with my BF.

one of my cowarker got lost for 5 - 6 hours because he was trying to get there with his motercycle without looking any maps. he said he drove LA to SLO through san jose. omg... well...i am glad he was OK.

since san simeon campground is located by the ocean, we went fishing which was fun even tho caught anything. we might have needed to start 5 o'clock in morning.

anyway, it was fun.

here are some pics :

Monday, August 04, 2008

OMG! I want this!

If Andy Warhol designed a HD case, it would probably be like that.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yes! Finally!?

New treatment may finally kill herpes virus

Monday, May 12, 2008

jyoji kubo-san exhibition

I went to the art exhibition, which is held by a japanese contemporary artist, Jyoji(George) Kubo at LA Artcore brewery annex. He is actually my coworkers' father. (She is a great designer too:)

He is an artist from Yamanashi prefecture in japan. He has been creating so many great sculptures and showing his stuff at many Yamanashi(mostly) galleries. It was his first time to have an art show in Los Angeles, USA. I guess just bringing his stuff to the US was a lots of work, but he's selling his stuff inexpensive price. wow I want one to my room tho :D

It was a pleasure to see his stuff and meet him and her wife(she is also an artist, such an artist family XD) the show is available until May, 29th at: LA Artcore brewery annex.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

i was not really a big game fan, but since i got the Nintendo DS, i became to love games.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is one of my favorite puzzle game; a combination of adventure storytelling which reminds of me miyazaiki hayao movies and over 120 puzzles. to me, the graphic, story, and all the puzzles(except few stupid questions) quality was awesome. but i am wondering if american ppl will like this game or not. well.... i looked at amazon.com, they gave this game 4-5 stars, so i guess they do.

anyway, i am definitely going to get all three Layton series!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


my sis let me buy a Chumby which is a clock.

Chumby is not just a clock. connects to the internet over your wireless connection. you can watch video, listen to music, and so on.

chumby-comapctso cute.

chumby-charmscame with three charms, sweet. but i don't where to attach(*edited i know now) activating is not that difficult :

first, it asked you to calibrate touch screen like a PDA.

second, wifi setting. do as usual.

third, type where you live.

chumby-activate then, activate your chumby.
on your PC, access to Chumby.com and log-in. just follow the instructions. you are already ready to use.

there are already some software which are called "Widget" on your chumby as default. you can change the order or add more stuff from your PC :


opinion :

chumby-twetter $160...that's too expensive for just a clock, but it's not just a clock so... actually japanese people love the design. even ipod/itouch dont have that cool features for free. i highly recommend for those people who can make flash widget on your own. well...only one thing that i dont like is it is not portable at all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Downtown Art Walk

M had an art show at Downtown Art Walk.

The old Bank district became as the art district now, that is great idea. Some place looked like just abandoned buildings, but have turned into art.

There are many kinds of art today and all the art works are very unique.

Here are the photos:

(Sorry! no large photo available)