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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

cafemode3 (2nd perticipation for me)

SHOJIN www.theshojin.com
333 S. Alameda Street., Ste 310 (3rd FL), Los Angeles, 90013


Sunday, May 03, 2009

my first bosam and vegetarian sunday buffet

yuka, my coworker introduce me all the kind of odd food i have never had. the picture is bosam which is korean food. there are three or more kinds of meet like tonsoku(pork leg), fish, regular pork, and so on, then wrap them and kimuchi with radish slice like taco. we ate this bosam at kobawoo house, korean town. it tastes just OK for me(sorry yuka :X) but the huge "chijimi(kimuch pancake)" was the best!

and today, we went to inn of the seventh ray in topanga canyon to experience their vegetarian sunday buffet. the reason why yuka invite me was i don't really eat vegetable. lol
yuka was wondering how i think about their food because she thinks their vegetable was real good

so... how did i feel? i prefer more meet sunday branch like alpine(garmany) sunday branch. but there were much meet than i expected so that i didn't try that much of vegetables. ;P personally the corn salad and watercress salad were good. include champaign and seafood, the price was $35-. that was pretty nice branch for me.

i usually don't try. i tend to order pretty much the same dish every time i go restaurant even i don't go new restaurant, so the person who introduce me about all the restaurant like yuka is very important me. ya, challenging new thing is good:)