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Sunday, July 22, 2007


maini went camping to Kern River on last weekends with S,T, M and sho-chan.

i bought a tent, a sleeping bag and even a ramp for that. yes, i was so ready to camp!

riverwe were planning to go to big bear camping place, but all reservations were taken, then sho-chan found "kern river camping" instead. the camp site was so much nicer than i expected! the river's water was so clear, made us to swim.

ayayou can not only fishing also a lots of thing. it locates near sequoia: kern river. 3hours driving from LA. but we took more than that because how the google map said was wrong...


hotdogwe all are japanese so that, of course, took japanese style of food and ate curry. (i donno why japanese people often eat curry rice when they go camping. maybe super easy to make, that's why.)

what bout fishing..? we got NO fish! suppose to get trouts tho...i guess because we had fun with swimming more than fishing. hahaha
the camp ranger said ''more fish upper course of a river." we should have gone up the river. but it's ok! even if no fish are caught, fishing is fun!

ahhh i wanna go again then spend more time!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

somebody broke my car window!

i dont really like comparing between japan and america because i dont wanna be a stereotype.

BUT i need to say that japan is a lot safer!

btw, in this few weeks, all bad things happened to me.
first, i met a scam in vivinavi.com when i tried to buy a panasonic camcorder. he was telling me "looks like brand new" but it was not. after researching i found out that the camcorder came in 2000. plus, it keeps tell me an error and doesnt take any dv cassette. i am still trying to return this item, but whoever names "sato" @nandemo-ya in torrance kept saying "i am very busy" and never reply my e-mail! i told my friend who is a lowyer, he said to take to a small claims court, but the case is not that big...shoot. what should i do now?

next thing happened : somebody broke my car window again!! aaah this is the third time already. seems like those kids like my old red car...

i am so pissed right now:-(

Monday, July 09, 2007

t-shirt store

japanese flagi am trying to make an original t-shirt for my friend as a birthday present. i found cool t-shirts store on the web! you can make not only own design t-shirts but also "t-shirt store".

my own t-shirt store is : http://welcom.shirtcity.com/

what it says:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

added google custom search engine

just added the google search engine on my blog, the right hand side. what it does is that giving you search results from your favorite sites. since it's bate version, gave me a little time to figure out how to set up.

all my other sites are in japanese so that i needed to put character codes when input. otherwise, give you the results with unreadable characters.

resizing the width of result's window was little tricky. instead, i used "css".

and even posting, as a result's window, was taught too. with javascript, need to be careful if the character spacing is right. better to get rib of all
tags, but that story was under this "blogger" system. you may get other problems with other blog services.(as matter of fact i did)

now, i dont really like the result's window color is white! well, i am tired now.. let it go for a while...zzz

ok, afterwards, i noticed that there is a search box on the top of this blog lol. so, i put the search plug-in instead. this search results are much better.

Search Results