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Monday, July 16, 2007

somebody broke my car window!

i dont really like comparing between japan and america because i dont wanna be a stereotype.

BUT i need to say that japan is a lot safer!

btw, in this few weeks, all bad things happened to me.
first, i met a scam in vivinavi.com when i tried to buy a panasonic camcorder. he was telling me "looks like brand new" but it was not. after researching i found out that the camcorder came in 2000. plus, it keeps tell me an error and doesnt take any dv cassette. i am still trying to return this item, but whoever names "sato" @nandemo-ya in torrance kept saying "i am very busy" and never reply my e-mail! i told my friend who is a lowyer, he said to take to a small claims court, but the case is not that big...shoot. what should i do now?

next thing happened : somebody broke my car window again!! aaah this is the third time already. seems like those kids like my old red car...

i am so pissed right now:-(

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