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Sunday, July 01, 2007

added google custom search engine

just added the google search engine on my blog, the right hand side. what it does is that giving you search results from your favorite sites. since it's bate version, gave me a little time to figure out how to set up.

all my other sites are in japanese so that i needed to put character codes when input. otherwise, give you the results with unreadable characters.

resizing the width of result's window was little tricky. instead, i used "css".

and even posting, as a result's window, was taught too. with javascript, need to be careful if the character spacing is right. better to get rib of all
tags, but that story was under this "blogger" system. you may get other problems with other blog services.(as matter of fact i did)

now, i dont really like the result's window color is white! well, i am tired now.. let it go for a while...zzz

ok, afterwards, i noticed that there is a search box on the top of this blog lol. so, i put the search plug-in instead. this search results are much better.

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