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Thursday, November 13, 2008

windows vs macitosh

i have been using macitosh since i was 19 or 20. and now i have to use windows for my job. i have confident i am pretty good at computer stuff. By knowing both those operation systems, i want to say "use macintosh" to ppl, who are using PC for just checking e-mails and using the internet.

firstly because, windows has a way higher chance to get virus and spywares. you have to purchese all the anti-virus software as default which is defferent from macintosh.
macintosh has never got virus since OSX came out. the reason why macintosh has never got a virus is not that huge share like windows. i guess the windows share makes ppl who make virus have lots of fun.lol

secondly, to ask somebody to fix windows problems costs much more. i know windows has huge share so you have more ppl to ask help, but you will feel sorry even if you ask your friend. in fact, my frineds usually pay or treat me to fix their problems.(i dont ask tho lol...) on the other side, macitosh, you can just take your computer to "apple genious bar" for free to fix problems.(HD problems are different story)

i believe that i had 3reasons, but i can't remember for now. lol

however, i'd like to say that once you get used to use windows, then stay with it. changing machines takes time like i took time to get used windows. finally now, i feel both OS are alike, but my first impression for windows was really bad because i couldn't find where is "desktop" and i got so used to use "Default folder".

anyhow, both OS are nice! i can't live without computer now! thank you, steve and bill.:-)

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