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Monday, April 06, 2009


i finally watched okuribito which won academy awards in the best foreign film category. okuribito showed what the "nokan-shi(casketing)" is, and how the death is very influental for the other surviving ppl.

i actually didn't know that there is the kind of job in japan, but as matter fact there was person who did make-up on my granma's face when she died, i remember. she was pretty and looked healther than when she was in hospital. i ve heard there is cases only clean dead body needs to be casketed, also nasty one like....i dont even want to write. so nokan-shi(s) make good money but it's very hard to be.

i cried at least twice when watching the movie. it was kind a slow like all the typical japanese movies though it was well done to show how main charactor connects w/ all the ppl between the death...also okuribito means "help with departures" in japanese. such an beautiful name! don't you think?

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