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Monday, August 15, 2005

hello world,

hi, this is my first time to make an ENGLISH blog. i have japanese one, but i know not everyone can read it. i am wondering my english is good enough to make one. actually, i just quit keeping an english diary, i have kept for 2 or 3 years, because it was too short to practice english and totally pointless!! well, if somebody find this blog, then find weird english, tell me plz!! and be my friend. ;-)

btw, there is a japanese idiom "mikka bo-zu", which means person who can stick to nothing. (just "bo-zu" means little boy or bonze and "mikka" means 3days) i will try not to be like that...maybe.
- peace out -


welcom2.com said...

i showed this blog to my student who is almost a bilingual. he told me where "mikka bo-ze" came from :

it is not unusual case that people quit to be a bonze because the training to be a bonze is just so hard.

thanks, kazu.

Wayne said...

Hello Aya,

It is good to see you have a blog in English. I could never read your Japanese one. I am sure it will help you with your English. Good luck.


welcom2.com said...

thank you, wayne. i will try not to be "mikka-bonze." how's your japanese studing? u can try a japanese blog, hahaha! just kidding. but i really think it's good to have your picture blog for you. ganbatte,