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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Millennium Biltmore Experiences

luckly, i got two chances to go restaurant at millennium biltomore today.

lunch... my boss treated all the corworkers to celebrate finish of one project. we had a seafood buffet for $22 at SMERALDI'S. it was real goooood. i loved the pasta which you can put any seafood from the seafood buffet. i think $22 is very reasonable. i wanna take sho to here:)

dinner... i was pretty full since i ate a lot at smeralidi's...but my friends, megumi and aya came over from japan so i wanted to take them to watergrill which yuka said the best taste restaurant in all the dineLA restaurant. as she told me, it WAS tasty. (lunch is probably better because you can eat the exactly same dishes for $20 chaper) and the atmosphere is great.

i have to be on diet from tomorrow:(

btw, everytime megumi come, it rains very hard. the forcast was saying thursday was "shower likely" but it turned into rainning all this week. last time she came, she brought one of the worst rain in 100years....omg. that sucks.

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