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Monday, February 09, 2009

blood type horoscopes

Wo Ye !High FanO Xing Ren - jamais jamais

japanese ppl, expecially girls love talking about blood type horoscopes. they believe that they can tell person’s personality by their blood type like below,

Type A
Best traits Earnest, creative, sensible
Worst traits Fastidious, overearnest
Type B
Best traits Wild, active, doer
Worst traits Selfish, irresponsible
Type AB
Best traits Cool, controlled, rational
Worst traits Critical, indecisive
Type O
Best traits Agreeable, sociable, optimistic
Worst traits Vain, rude

i personally don't believe the blood type horoscopes(probably not that many japanese ppl believe either.), i don't think there are only 4types of ppl, and it's not a scientific-basis material at all. but i don't hate the topic, it's just fun to talk bout.

even if japanese ppl ask your blood type and you feel uncomfortable, plz don't be mean to them:). the blood type horoscopes is just one of their favorite topic, so...

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