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Sunday, February 01, 2009


i don't really care what i eat, but my corworkers and my bf do. they are telling me where is the best place to go eat, all the recipes, and any other food stuff.

dine LA was one of their topic these days. they said they have gone some restaurant already. since everybody are talking bout dineLA, i became i want to go at least one. one of my friend came over here to LA from San Diego, so we went.

i called my corworker to ask the best place to go. she told me:

17300 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

$26- for their foods(and probably where it locates too) is real cheap, she said.

my friends ordered $26 dineLA course. but i ordered the Lobstar plate for $65.50- by mistake:X...but they gave me the chowdar and desert for free!!!:0 so i am pretty much satisfied with the restaurant. the chowdar was real good. i think it was the best chowder i ever had.

here is the dineLA menu:

and the services are nice too. how they give you your left over is real unique.(i got a whale which made of hoil)

thank for telling me about dineLA and gladstones, yuka.

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