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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

finally my car was fixed!

on Dec. 6th 2008, a women hit my car while i parked. luckly, the person who hit left a note, but then the nightmare has been began.

since my car was not drivable, i asked tow and leave my car at spectrum collision center, which BMW dealer told me to take. they asked me a lots of signatures and initials on their contract(like it said "even if they broke a glass while fixing, they don't pay anything", "strage fee is $50 per day." and brah brah brah)....i didn't want to put my initials, but you know how it is.....if i didn't, they dont start working on.
and it was so wierd that they told me to call MY insurace to take care of this case. i should have noticed that they were ripping off.

the first estimate was around $4,000.
however, after they talked my insurance(at that time already they had taken two months to just make an estimate), it raised up $11,000-, even thought my insurance's estimate was only $2,300-. i know my insurance's estimate was too law but...$11,000!?!?! you can buy a new car instead.

because of the $50(per day) strage fee, i couldn't cancel and ask another body shop. the parking fee was already over $3000.

fortunally, after a month my insurace deceided to pay $12,000-, and spectrum collision agreed with it.

today, finally i got my car back. (almost three months nightmare has been done.) it was nicely done but i couldnt be so happy because of what they did to me. and one more thing that i am worried bout is the final receipt was over $16,000- even thought i paid only $12,000!.....i don't even wanna know why and what's for....

i was so tired of calling my insrance company and body shop. the experience was totally nightmare....i wont take my car to dealers and spectrum collision center again.
.....or, i hope any kind of accident wouldnt happen again.

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