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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

LA kings vs. Nashville Predators

I went to watch a ice hockey game at staples center as my first time. I don't even know any rules but I went anyway. (my dad used to play tho I haven't watched it in some reason. Was it really true that any hockey players are short temper? That's my friend said. as matter of fact, my dad is. lol)

My coworker loves hockey(actually he plays too) and has a season ticket for a nice seat. He sometimes buys two-three tickets to invite other coworkers.

He said that every time he watches the game with any coworkers, the Kings lose. Believe or not, the score was 7-0 the Kinds lost awfully. oh well... He is right. All the kings fans were yelling at the coach saying "fire reggie(the head coach's name)!". Anyhow, I had a fun time to watch the game even thought the game was awful.

Thank you so-chan.

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