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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There's something in the air

I went to San Francisco to see MacWorld Expo 2008. I always wanted to see how it is so I decided to go there this year. I actually wanted to see Steve Jobs's keynote the most though, it was much expensive than I expected, $200 and more. I think over $200 was too expensive to see just the keynote so I purchased exhibit hall only tickets.

Before the exhibit hall was opened, all the mac geek people were talking bout the keynote with checking those mac rumor and news sites. A guy was sitting next me showed me the new Macbook Air’s photos and gave me the information during the keynote, which was good and fun. I love those geeky talk :D hehe
There are so many giveaway stuff like the other expo. For example, Maxell gave us headsets, a iPod case, empty DVD medias, and so on.

Actually I had fun with the QuarkXpress booth the most. I used to use 3.5, so 7 has so many amazing functions for me.

MacBook Air....Buy or not? MacBook Air is defiantly for a second computer use which means it might not need that much of functions, so I am not really sure that it's worth to spend $3,098 for it. but IT IS incredibly thin and cool. I wish I could afford to buy it.
i was here somewhere!

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