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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Las Veteran's Day

Nov 11th is the Veteran's day but also our anniversary. My boyfriend gave me his hand-made cake and a card said "I want to HOT SEX NOW"...I was like ..OK?..... but don't worry! all he wanted was not just sex. LOL. Hotsex has the other meaning.

To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we went to Las Vegas. Using Hotwire.com, the hotel Excalibur came up for cheap. but it didn't matter where to stay actually because we were gambling and WINNING.

"I usually win", he said, "What I need is knowing my own patterns where I am winning and losing". mmmm.. I don't gamble so I don't know. I am just scared of losing money even $5-. but wathcing what BF did and listening what people chated was fun for me.

Sho, thank you for preparing all the stuff even thoght you were busy for school. luv ya!

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