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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

iPhone arrived!

Believe or not, my old cellphone got broken just before the day I got iPhone, so I had no choice to start using iPhone. I was really really worried if I will like it or not. 299 daller for just making phone call is not cheap...but I think I made the good decision so far.

When I tried iPhone as my first time at the Apple store, I didn't really like the key-touch, but I got used it already. I like all the google features. (I am glad that Apple didn't built the own application for maps, search engine, and so on.) Google is simple and handy.

I am looking for a free wireless access around my company, so that I don't have to pay $20/month for the data plan. yes, being cheap..LOL

Here is links what I did so far :

iPhone Dev Wiki :

Removing the iPhone's SIM card :

iFuntastic :

For Japanese :

Cool Software:

and I am working on connecting to wifi using a Nintendo USB adapter *edit*it worked!

iPhone/iPod touch emulator::psx4iphone :

iPhone Jailbrake 1.1.3

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