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Monday, July 27, 2009

Japan Trip

Well... Should I say "Tadaima(I am home)"?
I guess not but I came back to the US from 3 weeks Japan trip.

I had been in Japan to get E-2 visa and to see my family. Going back Japan is for the first time in 3years and 7 months. pretty long.

The reason why I went back to Japan was that my dad got a cancer for his lungs.
As first I saw him, he lost his weight so much but after he took all the medication and I took care, he started eating a lot and seemed to be fine.

Now, he could work, he said.
I am appreciated how the medication got improved. Cancer is now curable in some case.
Not smoking or taking care of yourself is still important to not be though.

I didn't only go visiting my dad but also I spent time with my old friends.

-Kichijo-ji, tokyo... spent 1 week with my sisters, her boyfriend and two cats in there.
-went to 109 which is very famous shopping center for young people.
-visited where all the TV shows got me interested.
-in Odaiba, Tokyo. saw a real size of Gamdam(but the way, I am not really know bout those anime)
-took beautiful pictures with my new SLR camera.
-went to summer festival.
-spent time with family and pets.

I have now homesickness...(T_T)

Thanks for all 35people who took care of me in this trip!

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