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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Chopsticks


Joined a workshop "making your own chopsticks" presented by Mr. Saburo Koga.

You have to rely which wood you will use on instinct to make a decision.
Mr. Saburo said the wood's character would be like yours.

My choice was "Red Wood" which cut off in 80 years ago.
80 years ago..so the wood has grown in very nice atmosphere like no acid precipitate at all. the wood was very soft and easy to make chopsticks.(so what character is that? lol)

Afterwords, we ate their organic bento as lunch with our own chopsticks.

This workshop is available from more than 5 people. Mr. Saburo Koga teaches very fair and softly.

here is the work by Mr. Saburo koga:

Organic Bento :

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