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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Photo Exhibition

I went to Ms. Courtney Dauwalder's photo exhibition with her classmate who is my coworker, S. While we were driving, he kept saying that he was always jealous of her because she is so talented. haha

As matter of fact, her photos were great. those were haunting and made me eager to take photos again. I like how she showed that there's a story in each without showing too much.

Afterwords, we joined M, H, K and Mr. Taztu Nishi to eat dinner.

S told me that Taztu is a crazy artist from Germany.

<-- That's his work. Does it looks like just a regular room? But it's not! If you look at it carefully, There is a Picasso inside of the room because the room located in an ART MUSEUM!

We didn't talk that much about art-stuff during the dinner. mostly we have been talking about dirty one. haha, but it was fun anyway.

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