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Monday, September 12, 2005


we got blackout in LA around noon today. i was on the pretty high floor, so i took pictures with my phone, unfortunately, can't tell if it's blackout or not from the pics. i heard that all the signal stopped and there were heavy traffic around downtown. good thing is that i wasn't driving or taking any elevator.

whoever made an error for this blackout is such a trouble maker.


Wayne said...

I was at a shopping centre in Ontario, Canada when the BIG blackout happened the summer of 2004. It was one giant pain for the next few days. Luckily our home got power back within 12 hours. My sister who lives only a few minutes away had to wait 2 days.

welcom2.com said...

sorry for late responce. it happend again when it was very hot day. because of too much use of AC. did the your case happen the same reason? good thing is that my appartment has huge battery for blackouts beucase it was used to be a hotel. anyway, thank you for comment!