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Sunday, March 01, 2009

restaurant at home

i went to Joseph Mahon(208rodeo)'s new house to enjoy his meals ran by shokutsu.

his house was so huge and cute mexican style. and turned into like a real restaurant.

there are more than 30 ppl, i think. his cook was tasty, good-looking and cheap! we paid only $40 for it.

what we ate:
potato soup, salda(it contains "beets" which i dont know what heck is. lol even dunno the spelling is right or not.), salmon confit with mashed potato, and tart with ice cream.

joseph is yuka's friend. they met at one restaurant while she was taking pictures of food. then this event happend. i appriciated thier encounter because we could enjoy his meal at his home!

i wish i could cook like him and invite to my home. that was nice night. thank you, yuka.

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