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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

mixi for Japanese Learners

Do you know mixi? It's Japanese SNS(Social Networking Site). My friends, who are TA for Japanese classes, are recommending Mixi to have Japanese friends. Making friends with native speakers is good way to learn the language. I should join myspace to learn English too. XD

Here are links that might be helpful :

How to use Mixi : http://gaijinwomen.com/
Mixi's community "FOR JAPANESE LEARNERS" : http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=22179 (if you have an account already)
Mixi : http://mixi.jp/

You need an invitation to join, so anyone wants an invite can feel free to ask me for one. Enjoy!


brook said...

would appreciate an invitation

welcom2.com said...

thank you for the comment! i sent one already to you. enjoy!